Kopin Makes Major Advances in Gallium Nitride HEMT Materials Technology

(Nanowerk News) Kopin® Corporation, the world's leading producer of advanced III-V transistor wafers for smart phones and other mobile devices, today announced that record results from gallium nitride (GaN)-based high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) materials have been published in the prestigious journal in this scientific field, Applied Physics Letters of the American Institute of Physics. The advanced GaN-based materials developed at Kopin and described in this study are important for improving performance of next-generation power amplifiers and power switching converters.
The article (Laboutin et al., Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 100, p. 121909, March 23, 2012) describes the use of indium gallium nitride (InGaN) as the conducting layer in HEMT structures grown on sapphire and silicon carbide substrates. The use of an InGaN channel layer (instead of GaN) has the benefit of providing a back-channel barrier for better electron confinement, which is important for deep sub-micron gate length devices to achieve ultra-high-frequency operation. However, obtaining good InGaN channel HEMT materials is challenging since InGaN layers can become very rough during growth. Using proprietary metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) growth processes, Kopin scientists demonstrated a record high electron mobility of 1290 cm2/VĚs and record low sheet resistance of 240 ohms/square (~30% lower than the previous best published result) for device structures employing an InGaN channel.
Dr. John C.C. Fan, Kopin's President and CEO, commented, "GaN-based devices are becoming increasingly important over a broad range of new applications requiring high-frequency, high-voltage, high-power, and/or high-temperature operation. With our rich and strong technical expertise in heteroepitaxy and III-V transistor wafers, we have been working on GaN-based transistor structures for electronic devices during the past few years. I am delighted that we are making rapid advances in this new class of materials and devices, maintaining and extending our leadership in III-V transistor wafers."
About Kopin
Kopin Corporation's voice-activated, wireless, hands-free Golden-i® mobile computing headsets, ruggedized military imaging systems, ultra-small liquid crystal displays and heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) are revolutionizing the way people around the world see, hear and communicate. Kopin has shipped more than 30 million displays for a range of consumer and military applications including digital cameras, personal video eyewear, camcorders, thermal weapon sights and night vision systems. The Company's unique HBTs, which help to enhance battery life, talk time and signal clarity, have been integrated into billions of wireless handsets as well as into WiFi, VoIP and high-speed Internet data transmission systems. Kopin's proprietary display and HBT technologies are protected by more than 200 global patents and patents pending. For more information, please visit Kopin's website at www.kopin.com and www.mygoldeni.com.
Source: Kopin (press release)
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