NANOSENSORS Introduces New Wear Resistant Conductive AFM Probe Series

(Nanowerk News) NANOSENSORS™ announced that the first two types of a new innovative SPM probes series of wear resistant and highly conductive AFM tips will be introduced today.
The new AFM probes feature the best of both worlds of the most commonly used conductive probes for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM): metal coated probes and probes with conductive diamond coating.
The newly developed AFM tips are made of highly conductive platinum silicide which unites high conductivity (higher than conductive diamond coating and as good as metal coated tips) with a high wear resistance (much higher than metal coated probes and almost as good as diamond coated probes). Additionally the new PtSi probes have a slightly decreased tip radius compared to standard metal coated AFM probes. They can be used for any kind of electric or electrostatic AFM measurement, except SSRM.
The Platinum Silicide AFM probes can be used for:
  • TUNA, Tunneling AFM
  • SCM, Scanning Capacitance AFM
  • C-AFM, Conductive AFM
  • EFM, Electrostatic Force Measurements
  • KPFM, Kelvin Probe Force Measurements
  • The first types PtSi-NCH (for non-contact mode) and PtSi-FM (for force modulation mode) are now commercially available. Further types such as AFM probes for conductive contact mode made of the new material and probes for specialized applications like SSRM are under development.
    For more information please refer to or contact us at [email protected]
    NANOSENSORS™ is specializing in the development and production of innovative high quality probes for scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). The products are especially designed for scientists at universities, research institutions and industrial R&D centres in the fields of nanotechnology, microtechnology, materials research, semiconductors, biology, biotechnology, chemistry and medicine. NANOSENSORS™ is a trademark of NanoWorld AG.
    Source: Beneq (press release)
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