Harris + Harris Group Announces Distribution of Its Nanotechnology Video to Public Television and Access to Video Interviews

(Nanowerk News) Harris & Harris Group, Inc. announced today that its video highlighting the emergence of nanotechnology in multiple industries will be distributed to Public Television beginning on April 23, 2012.
The video discusses the emergence of nanotechnology and focuses on three Harris & Harris Group portfolio companies, Bridgelux, Inc., Kovio, Inc., and Solazyme, Inc. The video focuses on the products each company is bringing to market. The segment will be distributed to over 200 Public Television affiliates throughout the United States for their use as interstitial programming at their discretion for one year. Harris & Harris Group retains full rights to use the video, and have made it available on their website for viewing at http://www.hhvc.com/about .
Additionally, video interviews with the ten presenting CEOs and CFOs as well as interviews with three of the Managing Directors of Harris & Harris Group are now available at http://stocknewsnow.com/ . These interviews were recorded by SNN Live at our March 13, 2012, Meet the Portfolio Day event at the Nasdaq MarketSite. SNN is a micro-capitalization stock news source. We have made these video interviews available on our website at http://www.hhvc.com/portfolio under the respective portfolio company pages that can be accessed by highlighting and clicking on the link to see a detailed description of each company. Video interviews from the event can be accessed for Kovio, Inc., Solazyme, Inc., Bridgelux, Inc., NeoPhotonics Corporation, Metabolon, Inc., Champions Oncology, Inc., D-Wave Systems, Inc., Laser Light Engines, Inc., Contour Energy Systems, Inc., and HzO, Inc. The three interviews with the Managing Directors of Harris & Harris Group can be accessed at http://www.hhvc.com/team , on the detailed biography page for each respective Managing Director. A video interview with Doug Jamison about the event can be viewed at http://www.hhvc.com/news/press-center .
Harris & Harris Group is an early-stage, active investor in transformative nanotechnology companies. Detailed information about Harris & Harris Group and its holdings can be found on its website at www.HHVC.com .
Source: Harris & Harris Group (press release)
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