AGC to Invest in Advanced Nanotechnology Startup in U.S.

(Nanowerk News) AGC's wholly owned subsidiary AGC America Inc., based in Georgia, United States, has invested approximately $2 million in Rolith Inc., a California-based developer of ultra-advanced, industrial-scale nanostructured coatings.
AGC aims to combine its proprietary glass-coating technology with Rolith's own nanostructure formation technology to strengthen its high value-added glass development and produce glass products satisfying a variety of needs.
Rolith's nanostructure formation technology involves large-area nanopatterning based on lithographic exposure using revolving cylindrical photomasks, which enables glass substrates to be infused with nanostructures over large surface areas within a short period of time. Combining the AGC Group's coating technology with Rolith's technology will enable the production of high-function glass for advanced application in the fields of electronics, solar power, automotive, and architecture.
Source: AGC (press release)
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