Nobel Laureate Opened Practical Class in St. Petersburg, Russia

(Nanowerk News) The President of NT-MDT, the President of Nanotechnological Society of Russia Viktor Bykov granted the scanning probe microscope NANOEDUCATOR II to the Lyceum "Physical-Technical High School" (PTHS). The Lyceum is the only secondary school linked to the Russian Academy of Sciences. Famous physics Nobel Laureate Zhores Alferov is a chairman in the PTHS.
Zhores Alferov and Viktor Bykov greeted guests and residents of Lyceum and announced opening of new practical class for nanotechnology study. Academician Zhores Alferov, a scientist with a broad and strategic vision, gave the idea of an educational complex on the basis of the scanning probe microscopy (SPM) in 2001. NT-MDT team implemented this idea into hardware. NANOEDUCATOR and NANOEDUCATOR II are good results of this work.
Nobel Laureate in Physics Zhores Alferov
Nobel Laureate in Physics Zhores Alferov greets participants of the event.
During the event, several reports were made by experienced users of NANOEDUCATOR, head teachers from leading high schools and Universities of Russia. They reported that the practical nanotechnology classes really helped their students to achieve advanced results in physics, chemistry and biology. For example, amount of winners of local educational contests and amount of students with highest grade of State Exam increased after establishing NANOEDUCATOR practical class in the Irkutsk Lyceum No. 2.
Students are greatly motivated to study and research, when they can see molecular structures by their own eyes. Modern approach to the educational process requires not only knowledge of the theoretical foundations, but also good practical skills.
Now the students of "Physical-Technical High School" can study the world of nanotechnology, to learn how to use the techniques of SPM and to solve various research tasks.
Scanning probe microscope NANOEDUCATOR II was issued to the global market in 2011. During last year, 18 practical classes based on NANOEDUCATOR II were established in Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Kazakhstan. NANOEDUCATOR II is a winner of the prestigious R&D Magazine's annual "R&D 100" Awards for the best research and development of 2011.
Source: NT-MDT (press release)
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