Posted: September 7, 2007

CRAIC Technologies Introduces UV Imaging for the QDI 2010™ Microspectrophotometer

(Nanowerk News) CRAIC Technologies, the leader manufacturer of UV-visible-NIR microscopes and microspectrophotometers, today released the new QDI ImageUV™ imaging system for the QDI 2010™ microspectrophotometer. This new system represents a major step forward in the fields of microscopy and microspectroscopy in that it allows users of the QDI 2010™ to acquire both images and spectra in the UV, visible and NIR regions of micron-scale samples. Images and spectra can be acquired in transmittance, reflectance, polarization and even fluorescence from the deep UV to the NIR.
"The QDI ImageUV™ package was developed in response to customer needs for advanced imaging solutions working seamlessly with our advanced UV-visible-NIR microspectrometers. Many of our customers want to be able to image deep into the UV or further into the near IR regions in fields ranging from contamination analysis and pharmaceutical research. The QDI ImageUV™ is designed to meet those needs and add to the flexibility of the QDI 2010™ microspectrophotometer" says Dr. Paul Martin, President.
The QDI ImageUV™ solution combines hardware, optics and advanced software to enable the user to control a number of digital imaging sources from a single software package. The software also provides a number of sophisticated image analysis routines for processing and enhancement in more advanced studies.
CRAIC is dedicated to working with its customers to enable them to obtain and maintain the latest microspectrophotometer technology. The QDI ImageUV™ is an example of this dedication. For more information on this and other products, please contact CRAIC Technologies.
Located near Los Angeles, at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, CRAIC is the leading manufacturer of UV-visible-NIR range microscopes, microspectrophotometers and specialized software solutions for scientific and industrial applications.
Source: CRAIC Technologies
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