Posted: September 6, 2007

Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) New York Media Day September 14

(Nanowerk News) For more than 20 years journalists have been asking tough questions, such as:
* “How long can Moore’s Law continue in effect?”
* “What comes next when technology can no longer make transistors any smaller?”
* “When we hit the wall, will that mean an end to ‘smaller, faster, cheaper’ electronic devices?”
* “Do we really need ‘nano-scale’ devices? Why?”
An SIA seminar on Friday, September 14, for journalists will answer these and other questions about what the microchip industry is doing to continue the progress we have enjoyed for more than 40 years.
When: Friday, September 14, 2007, 10:30 AM - 12:00 noon (lunch follows)
Where: IBM Midtown Manhattan, 590 Madison Avenue
A distinguished panel of semiconductor industry efforts will discuss the future of chip technology – and what comes next:
* Dr. John E. Kelly III, senior vice president and director of research, IBM
* Dr. Paolo Gargini, Intel fellow and director of technology strategy, Intel Corporation
* Dr. Alain E. Kaloyeros, vice president and chief administrative officer, University of Albany College of Nanoscience and Engineering
* Dr. Shoucheng Zhang, professor of Physics, Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
* George Scalise, president, Semiconductor Industry Association
Attendance is strictly limited to 20 journalists. Reservations are a must.
RSVP: Joanna Fuller – [email protected] or 408.573.6619
Source: SIA
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