MiniFAB to Review Advances in Polymer Microfluidics in Seminar at The Jackson Laboratory

(Nanowerk News) MiniFAB (AUST) Pty Ltd will provide a seminar on advances in polymer microfluidic devices for sample preparation, handling and diagnostics for point- of-care, laboratory, and in-field applications. The seminar is hosted by The Jackson Laboratory on Friday, May 11, 2012. MiniFAB is a contract engineering firm providing custom development of disposable polymer microengineered products headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and with satellite offices in the United States and Europe.
Microfluidics are rapidly gaining traction in applications for sample preparation and fluid handling. MiniFAB has experience in developing in vitro fertilization cell culturing devices that enables critical functionality like parallel culture with exchange of autocrine, paracrine and endocrine molecules, gradual cell culture medium exchange without cell handling, easy cell loading and unloading and optical visibility of cells.
"JAX has been at the centre of so many profound discoveries in genetics. MiniFAB's commercial development of polymer microfluidics is opening many new opportunities for genetic research and we are excited to explore these with the researchers at The Jackson Laboratory." says Erol Harvey, MiniFAB CEO.
The Jackson Laboratory is graciously hosting this seminar on Friday, May 11, 2012.
About MiniFAB
MiniFAB is an ISO 13485 certified, privately-held contract engineering firm providing custom development and manufacture of disposable polymer microengineered products. Established in 2002, MiniFAB has completed over 500 projects with partners worldwide. With a flexible and open engagement model, MiniFAB's product development process covers the entire spectrum, from converting early-stage product concepts into prototypes through to full-scale, high throughput OEM manufacturing. With a focus on lab-on-chip solutions for point-of-care, laboratory, and in-field applications, MiniFAB has delivered custom solutions into diverse markets including medical devices, diagnostics, food packaging and aerospace. For more information, visit
Source: MiniFAB (press release)
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