Bruker Announces the Release of New nano-Advance UHPLC for Proteomics

(Nanowerk News) At ASMS 2012, Bruker announced the introduction of its new nano-Advance UHPLC system for capillary and nano-flow LC-MS applications. Combining the novel nano-Advance UHPLC with Bruker's leading mass spectrometry platforms, including the amaZon Ion Trap series and maxis UHR-TOF series, further enhances Bruker's integrated solutions for proteomics.
The new nano-Advance UHPLC delivers reproducible retention times with accurate gradients down to 50nL/min. With run-to-run sample carryover typically less than 0.005%, the nano-Advance UHPLC delivers industry-leading separation performance critical to the success of many proteomics workflows. The nano-Advance UHPLC was specifically designed to eliminate dead volume and gradient delay wherever possible. When combined with Bruker's unique CaptiveSpray Ion source, the combination can deliver up to twice the MS utilization rate of typical nano-LC systems coupled to nanospray MS sources. The increased mass spectrometry utilization rate enables more proteins and peptides to be identified and quantified in a single LC-MS run. This is especially significant for detection of low abundance proteins in complex samples, which are easily missed due to the inability of the mass spectrometer to keep up with significant numbers of co-eluting peptides.
The nano-Advance UHPLC delivers precise nanoliter-scale flow rates without the need for any split-flow due to the incorporation of two high performance direct drive syringe pumps. There is also a third pump for trap loading and 2D-LC applications. In conjunction with the CaptiveSpray Ion source, the nano-Advance loading capacity is significantly higher than for conventional nano-LC systems, resulting in higher dynamic range and increased protein coverage and identification.
Dr. Kerry Nugent, Bruker's Senior Vice President - Liquid Chromatography, commented: "With the introduction of the nano-Advance UHPLC, Bruker has taken another step to expand our position as a leading provider of mass spectrometry-based proteomics solutions. The ability of the nano-Advance UHPLC, in conjunction with the CaptiveSpray Ion source, to deliver increased MS productivity, enables the identification of more proteins with greater confidence in the same period of time."
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Source: Bruker (press release)
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