Izon Science Granted Core Patents for Elastomeric Nanopore Technology

(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology instrument manufacturer Izon Science today announced core patents for its nano and bio particle analysis platform. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has accepted Izon Science Patent No. 11/721047 for an invention for detecting, measuring and controlling particles. The patent covers the novel elastomeric size-tunable nanopores used in Izon Science's qNano and qViro instruments.
The Australian Patent Office has also accepted Izon Science Patent No. 2005315729 for the same core technology.
Izon Science has also been granted a patent for its analysis platform by the UK Intellectual Property Office. UK Patent No. 2477287 (formerly Application No. 1001311.8) for Control of particle flow in an aperture and relates to the use of combined pressure and voltage. This follows on from the prior award of the core patent in 2006 (GB2421303, 12 November 2006).
"Acceptance of these patents is a major milestone for the company. We're now selling our instrumentation in over 30 countries and are rapidly expanding our patent portfolio, core measurement capabilities and R&D capability," says Hans van der Voorn, Executive Chairman of Izon Science.
Van der Voorn says the company is experiencing high growth, in all areas where it operates. "We're now able to do R&D in our Boston and Oxford offices in addition to the work at our headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand. By extending our R&D base we're able to work on more collaborative research which is very valuable for the company and its customers and research partners."
Izon Science is the developer of the portable qNano and qViro instruments with unique size-tunable nanopores. The multi-parameter instruments offer significant accuracy and reliability improvements over previously available techniques and are advancing research in a number of fields including nanomedicine, hematology, gene therapy and vaccine development.
About Izon Science
Izon Science has developed the world's first nanopore based measurement system available for general use. Izon's instruments are used for precise measurement and analysis of individual particles across a wide range of scientific fields including, nanomedicine, vaccinology, gene therapy and hematology. Izon originated in New Zealand and now sells its products in 30 countries. It has its European headquarters in Oxford, UK and US headquarters in Cambridge, MA. Website: http://www.izon.com
Source: Izon Science (press release)
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