Arrogene Unveils New Cancer Targeting Nano Drug

(Nanowerk News) Arrogene, Inc. a cancer nano therapeutics company that is commercializing technology licensed exclusively from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, announced today that its Chief Scientific Officer and President, Dr. Julia Ljubimova is an invited speaker at the TechConnect World Nanotech Conference, being held in Santa Clara, California, June 18-21, 2012.
Dr. Ljubimova will be discussing nano therapeutics for blocking multiple targets as part of the Cancer Nanotechnology conference program, and will be unveiling some of the breakthrough platform technologies developed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and being commercialized under exclusive license by Arrogene.
Arrogene’s pipeline of new nano-drugs based on these nanotechnological advances includes a nanobioplatform that can be conjugated with a variety of tumor-specific molecular inhibitors (e.g., antisense oligonucleotides and/or chemotherapeutic drugs) with antibody targeting to specific cancer receptors for the nanodrug delivery and therapeutic effect simultaneously.
Preclinical studies have shown that when multiple targeting and delivery are used simultaneously, there is significant improvement of inhibition of cancer growth than when conventional anti-cancer drugs are used. This has been shown to be effective against various cancers, including HER2-positive breast cancer, triple negative breast cancer, and brain cancer (glioblastoma multiform).
The Arrogene nanobioplatform is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-immunogenic, and has the unique capability of hosting multiple moieties, such as cancer-targeting antibody, multiple chemotherapeutic drugs, and drug-releasing units, covalently attached to the same biopolymer. Additionally, the platform is capable of passing through the brain tumor barrier (BTB), which is part of blood brain barrier (BBB). This technology is thus capable of treating not only primary brain cancer but also metastases from cancers of different organs into the brain, which is currently a significant problem in clinical treatment.
Among the innovative advantages, this new approach can reduce the toxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs by releasing them only inside the targeted cancer cells.
Dr. Eggehard Holler, Arrogene Executive VP of Chemistry, will discuss the details of Arrogene’s nano platform production, anti-cancer drug synthesis, treatment evaluation, and toxicity study during a separate talk at TechConnect World Nanotech on the subject of Polymalic acid-based nano drugs.
About Arrogene, Inc.
Arrogene, Inc. is working on building a pipeline of new generation nanomedicines capable of targeting cancer cells and specifically preventing tumor growth. Arrogene’s technology was developed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Our unique nanobioplatform that can be tailored to fight different cancer types and is capable of hosting multiple anti-cancer inhibitors demonstrates new possibilities for effective cancer treatment. Arrogene is partnering with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide them the technology for targeting their chemotherapeutic drugs to increase treatment efficacy and reduce toxicity. For more information on Arrogene, Inc, see
About the TechConnect World Nanotech conference
The TechConnect World Nanotech is the world’s largest multi-disciplinary multi-sector conference and marketplace of vetted innovations, innovators, and technology business developers and funders focusing on advancements in Nanotechnology.
Source: Arrogene (press release)
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