Posted: September 14, 2007

Clariant and Schoeller partner to market nano-finishing technology for textile industry

(Nanowerk News) Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals and Schoeller Technologies AG, a globally active licensing company for innovative textile technologies, today announced a strategic partnership for the nanotechnology-based NanoSphere® textile finish. Schoeller Technologies AG owns the patents and is responsible for NanoSphere® marketing and branding activities. Clariant’s textile business is taking over production, sales and distribution worldwide, transfer of know-how and quality assurance towards new and existing customers, predominantly textile mills. NanoSphere® is based on nanotechnology and provides textiles with an outstanding naturally self-cleaning effect.
Nanotechnology for self-cleaning properties
Nanotechnology has long been seen as the potential key to revolutionary effects in the textile industry and, in this instance, nature has served as its role model. The leaves of certain plants and the wings of insects always stay clean because dirt and water cannot adhere to their structured surface. These self-cleaning properties are not a result of the surface’s smoothness, but of the nano-scaled structured surface. Textiles to which nano-particles are applied are given a fine structure that easily repels water as well as other liquids and dirt.
NanoSphere® leads the way once again
NanoSphere® is based on nanotechnology. Exhaustively and more broadly tested than competitive products, textiles with a NanoSphere® finish present a naturally self-cleaning effect that repels liquids and dirt. Splashes and stains do not stand a chance: ketchup, honey, coffee, red wine or oil, as well as water, of course, simply run off the nano-surface – even after frequent washing. The new partnership between Clariant and Schoeller heralds the introduction of a new generation of nano-particles. Compared to NanoSphere® performance to date, the new generation shows a marked rise in abrasion resistance, both when wet and dry. This ensures continuing protection even under increased exposure and frequent washing or cleaning.
Certified ecologically sound
The patented NanoSphere® finishing technology meets the demanding requirements of the bluesign® standard, which certifies substances that have been rigorously tested for harmful effects to humans and the environment as well as for efficient consumption of natural resources. In addition, textiles with a NanoSphere® finish require less frequent washing and at lower temperatures, leading to savings in energy, detergent and water consumption.
A future-oriented partnership
“In Clariant, we have found the right partner to market and further develop NanoSphere® applications,” said Hans-Jürgen Hübner, Chief Executive Officer of Schoeller Technologies AG. “Clariant’s expertise and technical know-how in textile chemicals, worldwide distribution and its support network will allow us to provide customers everywhere with the benefits offered by NanoSphere® on a local basis.”
Philippe Royer, Head of Clariant’s Textile, Leather and Paper Chemicals Division, added “Clariant is always on the look-out for promising new technology and we have long been interested in the possibilities of nanotechnology. The success of NanoSphere® proves that completely new functions for consumers can be transferred to textiles using nanotechnology.”
Among the sectors in which NanoSphere® is currently being used are outdoor, sports, business and work wear by brands that include Algebra, Arc’teryx, Canada Goose, Daniel Hechter, Henry Lloyd, Mammut, PGA, Polo Ralph Lauren, Pikeur, Simms, Trangoworld and TRG/Victorinox. And Swiss postal system (Schweizer Post) and national railway (SBB) staff as well as various military organizations also enjoy the benefits of NanoSphere® technology.
Clariant and Schoeller talked about the strategic partnership and NanoSphere® today at the trade fair ITMA in Munich. To find out more about NanoSphere® and how it can be applied, go to or speak directly to Clariant and Schoeller experts at ITMA at Stand B1.165/268.
Source: Clariant
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