Posted: September 14, 2007

JFE Steel Develops 1,180-MPa Class High Tensile Strength Steel Plate with 15 % More Elongation

(Nanowerk News) JFE Steel Corp. announced the prototype of 1,180 MPa Class Nano Hiten, an ultrahigh tensile strength hot rolled steel plate with a 1,180-MPa class tensile strength and an excellent elongation property.
JFE Steel succeeded in improving the tensile strength from the existing product's 780 MPa to about 1.5 times this figure. In general, the elongation property deteriorates as the tensile strength is increased. However, the company managed to increase the elongation by 15% or more. Once it is commercialized, the plate can contribute to the reduction of vehicle weight.
To develop it, the company utilized the technology employed in the production of a current product, a 780-MPa class ultrahigh tensile strength hot rolled steel plate named 780 MPa Class Nano Hiten. This technology is used to finely disperse nanometer-order deposit in ferrite. The company optimized the balance of alloy elements that constitute a carbon material and employed a high precision hot rolling process. As a result, the company was able to improve the elongation property while increasing the dispersion concentration of the deposit to enhance the strength.
The new plate is intended for framework parts of the vehicle body such as center pillar and reinforcement for bumper and other parts. The existing 780-MPa class steel plate is reportedly used for lower control arm of vehicle suspension and side bumper.
Source: JFE Steel Corporation
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