The President of Grape Networks Selected as the Keynote Speaker on the Commercialization of Nano Sensors in Agriculture
Posted: September 17, 2007

The President of Grape Networks Selected as the Keynote Speaker on the Commercialization of Nano Sensors in Agriculture

(Nanowerk News) Grape Networks, the World Leader in the Wireless Sensor Monitoring of Vineyard Microclimates and Sensor Data for open Fields on the Internet, today announced that the Peter Tsepeleff, the President and CEO of Grape Networks, was selected as the Keynote Speaker for the “12th Annual Commercialization of Micro and Nano Sensors” for the Agriculture Track at COMS 2007, ( Mr. Tsepeleff was invited by the State of Victoria, Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, DIIRD, (
According to Peter Tsepeleff “...there has been a drought in Australia for the past six years, and the government feels that this drought is now permanent. Water and water management are now very crucial for agriculture in Australia.” Farms in Australia cover hundreds of thousands of acres, and it is almost impossible to monitor and manage large farms with many fields from one central location. Australia also has up to 3 types of soil conditions in one area, and it is vital to measure the Soil Moisture at three depths. Grape Networks has a solution where several Wireless Soil Moisture Sensors can be placed at any depth from the surface to 12 feet deep. In addition, Grape Networks’ solution with Wireless Soil Moisture Sensors transmits soil moisture and environmental data anywhere across Australia and the World via the Internet. Alerts on Water, Temperature, Humidity and Soil Moisture can also be sent via the Internet to any Web enabled PC or cellular/mobile phone.
About Grape Networks, Inc.
Grape Networks has developed the Climate Genie which utilizes the Internet, (DBMS), intelligent machines, low power radios and very small size sensors (MEMS). Grape Networks is the pioneer in the design, application, development and production of Wireless Mesh Sensor Networks for Vineyards and Fields. Grape Networks has partnerships with a number of the Worlds' foremost authorities on wireless mesh sensor networks, platforms, applications, viticulture and MEMS Sensors. For more information please visit or call Peter Tsepeleff at: 925-830-1698.
Source: Grape Networks
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