Posted: September 21, 2007

Conference date: Molecular and Nanoscale Systems for Energy Conversion

(Nanowerk News) The international conference "Molecular and Nanoscale Systems for Energy Conversion" (MEC-2007) will take place in Moscow, Russia, from October 1-3, 2007.
The Conference will be held in the Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, located in a pleasant and calm Moscow district
Scientists, technologists and others interested in using molecular and nanoscale systems for advanced energy conversion problems are invited to participate in the conference
The advanced systems for energy conversion based on alternative molecular and nanoscale materials will play a significant role in upcoming energetic technologies in current century. Especially, it concerns the problems of solar energy conversion, hydrogen technologies, advanced catalytic technologies and biofuels. This meeting aims to bring together scientists and engineers working in fundamental and applied areas to discuss the recent achievements and futures of the alternative energetics. The key subjects have been selected to meet the interests of both academic fields and the appropriate technologies. In addition, the meeting will be accompanied by the exhibition that will demonstrate the latest industrial technological achievements in the above mentioned fields
The main purpose of the Conference is to bring together the world leading specialists in chemistry, chemical physics, biophysics and biotechnology that deal with the energy conversion problems in both basic research and technological areas
The global world needs new types of alternative energy that could be used in the nearest future in a great scale. It is why the problems of the energy conversion including solar photovoltaics, fuel cells and biotechnological futures are of great interest. At the moment, a lot of the international conferences are provided that deal with traditional aspects of the energy conversion problems. At the same time, recently new approaches appeared that explore unconventional types of chemical materials and devices for energy conversion: organic and polymer materials, nanostructured composites and nontraditional biothechnological devices, advanced fuel cells. We are planning to discuss the latest world achievements and the futures of the above mentioned chemical problems. We believe that our efforts will help to point a roadmap to the times when the world will meet the possibilities of utilizing the cheap and safety alternative energetics.
Source: Russian Academy of Sciences
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