Posted: September 25, 2007

Celsia Technologies Promotes George Meyer as New Chief Operations Officer

(Nanowerk News) Celsia Technologies (OTC Bulletin Board: CSAT) today named George Meyer as the new chief operations officer of the company. In his new role, Meyer will be responsible for developing Celsia's technology and overseeing engineering and global operations. Meyer previously served as the vice president of Celsia in charge of sales and marketing and as general manager for the Americas and Europe regions.
"Cooling and thermal management have become critical in advancing innovation in the microelectronics industry, and Celsia's patented NanoSpreader(TM) microfluidic cooling technology is uniquely poised to offer a completely new alternative to conventional cooling solutions. NanoSpreaders manipulate the nanoscale environment to offer cooling systems that are thinner and lighter, with improved cooling efficiency compared to traditional cooling devices like heat pipes." said Joseph Formichelli, chairman and CEO of Celsia Technologies. "We believe George's extensive thermal industry experience, his deep understanding of the technology and savvy marketing will help us expand our global business operations and take Celsia to the next level."
Meyer is a proven thermal management industry veteran with over three decades of experience. Since joining Celsia in December 2005, Meyer has been instrumental in developing key customer relationships, managing the product portfolio, and growing sales throughout the industry. Prior to Celsia, he had a long career at Thermacore International Inc. where he held various positions including chairman and general manager of Thermacore Korea and Taiwan, as well as vice president, worldwide sales and marketing. During his stint at Thermacore, Meyer helped establish relationships and design wins with the military, aerospace and leading technology companies such as Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Sun Microsystems and Silicon Graphics.
"Celsia is in the advantageous position of addressing thermal challenges in a wide variety of microelectronic applications. From personal computers to communication and medical devices, LEDs, displays and military applications, the market potential for the lightweight, flexible NanoSpreaders is endless. I look forward to expanding the business opportunities for Celsia and leading the company to further success," said Meyer.
About Celsia's NanoSpreader Technology
Celsia's NanoSpreaders are the thinnest and lightest two-phase heat spreaders in the industry. Built on Celsia's patented micro thermofluidic design, the razor-thin structures are flexible to easily integrate with any electronic device and minimize the required space for cooling. Within each structure is an extensive network of micro channels through which pure water moves rapidly, changing from water to vapor and back to water, removing excess heat. The NanoSpreader technology delivers significantly higher thermal conductivity (heat transfer capacity) than conventional options such as aluminum, copper, heat pipes and other metal materials used for cooling. NanoSpreaders can be attached directly to a heat source to enhance cooling capability. With no mechanical parts, they are noise and vibration free.
About Celsia Technologies
Celsia Technologies is a full solution provider and licensor of thermal management products and technology for the PC, consumer electronics, lighting and display industries. The company is a leader in developing and commercializing next-generation cooling solutions built on patented micro thermofluidic technology. Celsia Technologies' extensive intellectual property portfolio includes patents registered in Korea, the U.S., Japan and Taiwan, with patents pending in the EU, Russia, India and China. For more information visit:
Source: Celsia Technologies
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