Posted: September 26, 2007

NanoBusiness 101 Presents the Nano-Impaired with Seminar on NanoBusiness Formation and Finance

(Nanowerk News) The seminar will be a free primer for businesses and individuals interested in learning more about opportunities, technologies and financial realities affecting nanotech business success.
The course will be presented by the center’s director, Dr. Walt Trybula and will explore the many business opportunities currently available in the nanotech industry, what funding is available for small businesses and start-ups and how to plan for success. The seminar is one of six to be offered free to the public prior to the nanoTX’07 conference on October 3 and 4.
“Nanotechnology brings many unknowns into the business arena.” said Dr. Trybula. “The successful introduction of a technology business requires significant interaction with both technology and community leaders. Growing the business and making it survive, requires an understanding of the business community interactions. NanoBusiness focuses on providing information on how to develop a successful business.”
In addition to his role as director of the Nanomaterials Application Center, Dr. Trybula is a director and senior policy fellow of the Trybula Foundation, Inc. and focuses on evaluating emerging trends and applications in nanotechnology, mesomaterials, MEMS/NEMS, and semiconductors with an emphasis on feasibility evaluation and profitable business insertion. A technology futurist with five patents pending, Dr. Trybula was recently recognized for his work in March 2007, when the International Society for Optical Engineering named him one of 56 Fellows of the Society for his achievements in emerging optical lithography techniques used in nanotechnology.
The seminars will begin at 12:30 pm and run until 5:00 pm. Other free classes presented October 2 will include NanoTech 101 and102, NanoEnergy 101, BioNano 101 and Nano International Business 101. To sign up for the course visit the nanoTX'07 website.
About the Nanomaterials Application Center at Texas State University-San Marcos
The Nanomaterials Application Center [NAC] at Texas State University – San Marcos is a collaborative effort between industry and university. Its efforts are directed at fundamental understanding of nano material properties (mesomaterials) and their incorporation into products that address specific needs. From the industry standpoint, a by-product of this effort is the training of scientists and engineers that can work in the nano realm. This training of people to think, develop new concepts, and create novel products is key to the university mission. NAC addresses the needs of both industry and academia as technology moves further into the nano realm and novel new material properties are discovered.
About nanoTX
nanoTX (, presented this year by SIA, is the world’s most comprehensive nanotechnology conference and exposition. The event highlights advances in nanoscience, explains how nanotechnology is being used today and how it will impact a broad range of industries tomorrow, including: electronics, energy, aerospace, defense, biomedicine, robotics, chemicals and more.
nanoTX has established a reputation for delivering solid content, compelling panel discussions, early-stage investment opportunities and a world-class roster of presenters. This year’s signature Nobel Laureates Legends program sponsored by IEEE features a reunion of the original Nobel Prize-winning Buckyball discovery team – the breakthrough advancement that started the whole carbon nanotechnology and nanotube revolution we’re seeing today, and into tomorrow.
Source: Texas State University-San Marcos
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