Posted: September 27, 2007

IDGLOBAL Receives Second Order from a Major League Association's Sports Apparel/Merchandising Market

(Nanowerk News) IDGLOBAL (Pink Sheets:IDGJ) announced today that it has received a second follow-up order from a Major League Associationís sports-oriented, licensed apparel and merchandising division. IDGLOBAL announced the initial order on August 22, 2007. IDGLOBAL is proud to have gained the confidence from this yet-to-be named customer to provide its Nano-Molecular Markers™ for the purpose of eliminating any and all counterfeit threats and infections to its valuable and highly visible garment/merchandising products. IDGLOBAL's Nano-Molecular Marker will ultimately provide this division, as well as its retailers and consumers, the 100% assurance that what they are purchasing is exactly what they are getting through IDGLOBALís unequivocal brand authentication process. The licensed apparel and merchandise products are sold on a global basis and this gives the Major League Association the ability to police their products quickly and at any and all retail locations. The second order from this Major League Associationís sports-oriented, licensed apparel and merchandising division is in excess of 250,000 units.
IDGLOBALís Nano Molecular Marker™ technology takes the laboratory into the field for an immediate 100% verification of the item in a matter of secondsÖ On-site, in the field and in real time.
This Major League Associationís sports-oriented, licensed apparel and merchandising division can now provide its goods to the global marketplace with unparalleled confidence of authenticity. In addition, they will now have the ability to identify which specific areas and retail groups are most vulnerable to counterfeiting infections and where these infections are occurring most by utilizing IDGLOBALís Nano-Molecular Marker anti-counterfeiting technology. Any of this Major League Associationís garments/merchandise manufactured and sold from this point forward that does not have IDGLOBALís Nano-Molecular Mark can be identified as a counterfeit product and can be identified in a timely manner and dealt with appropriately.
According to Phil Viggiani, VP of Sales & Marketing for IDGLOBAL, "IDGLOBAL has consistently focused a large portion of its marketing dollars and time on the Garment/Apparel/Footwear vertical and this again is confirmation that our business model and anti-counterfeiting products are the 100% solution for any and all counterfeiting infections. Moreover, having an immediate follow-up order in the magnitude of a 380% increase over the first order is compelling evidence that there is a high degree of confidence in IDGLOBALís technologies and solutions that we bring to this client.Ē
About IDGLOBAL Corp. (
IDGLOBAL has two primary divisions, its Nano-Molecular Markers/Tags™ used in anti-counterfeiting applications and its IDFORENSIX™ products utilized in Loss Prevention/Anti-Theft for the annual $800 billion Anti-Counterfeiting and Loss Prevention markets.
IDGLOBALís Nano-Molecular Markers™ are the equivalent of taking the laboratory into the field and providing a verifiable answer as to a productís authenticity in a matter of seconds by utilizing proprietary Nano-Molecular Markers™ and handheld scanning technologies. IDGLOBAL provides its Nano-Molecular Markers™ on a global basis to combat counterfeiting and can easily be applied to product runs into the hundreds of millions of units at a cost of a fraction of a penny per unit.
The IDFORENSIX™ product lines are specifically geared towards loss prevention or corporate asset protection of assets such as tools, equipment up to and including fine artwork. Much of corporate losses are due to internal and invasive theft. Applications for these forensic markers include everything from retail theft by consumers and/or employees to the larger problem of theft in distribution systems and warehouses. The IDGLOBAL IDFORENSIX products mark, protect and identify merchandise and/or equipment to protect against theft. Literally, truckloads of product are stolen from companies that have very few options in proving and finding their stolen merchandise. Whether itís boxes of music CDs or high gauge and expensive electrical wire literally removed from power grid systems, it all amounts to billions of dollars in theft and loss. IDFORENSIX products can also mark and protect everything from oil/gas and mining equipment where millions of dollars of field equipment and tools goes missing, to forensically marking dozens, hundreds or even thousands of laptop computers in office environments. The IDFORENSIX markers cannot be removed or tampered with once applied and provide a long term and unequivocal ability for an organization to mark, protect and recover stolen articles and merchandise.
Nano-Molecular, Nano-Molecular Markers, Nano-Molecular Tags and IDFORENSIX are registered trademarks of IDGLOBAL Corp, All Rights Reserved.
This press release contains forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and is subject to the Safe Harbor created by those sections. This material contains statements about expected future events and/or financial results that are forward-looking in nature and subject to risks and uncertainties. Such forward-looking statements by definition involve risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of IDGLOBAL Corp. to be materially different from the statements made herein.
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