Posted: September 27, 2007

Flow Sciences Introduces Nanomaterial Containment Enclosures

(Nanowerk News) Engineered nanomaterials are diverse in their physical, chemical, and biological nature. Nanomaterials have vastly different properties than their bulk counterparts, and therefore very different toxicologies. As an emerging science, not much is known about the toxicity of nanomaterials, and the earliest and most extensive exposure to engineered nanomaterials is likely to occur in the work and research environment. Given the limited information regarding health risks associated with exposure to nanoparticles, work practices and engineering controls should be tailored to the processes and job tasks associated with nanoparticles.
Flow Sciences, Inc. announces the release of a new product brochure containing vented enclosure solutions for nanomaterial containment. These products satisfy NIOSH recommendations for containing nanomaterials and utilize complex, engineered design features to decrease turbulence inside the enclosure thus minimizing disturbance to any nanoparticles being manipulated and studied. Solutions are available for virtually all nanomaterial research and production applications and can be customized for specific functions.
About Flow Sciences, Inc.
Flow Sciences, Inc. designs and manufactures safety containment solutions for research and development laboratories, pilot facilities, automation equipment and robotics, and manufacturing and production plants. Flow Sciences brings improved and customized products to the demanding marketplace ensuring safety and quality solutions.
Source: Flow Sciences
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