Posted: October 1, 2007

Nanotechnology in Scandinavia 2007 Report out Now

(Nanowerk News) Research and Markets has announced the addition of “Nanotechnology in Scandinavia 2007” to their offering.
Throughout the 1990s, nanotechnology received support from the Danish Foundation for Basic Research, Danish research councils and via ‘materials science’ programmes. Denmark has built on this foresight and hosts a number of prominent international centres, such as MIC, based at the Technical University of Denmark. Besides MIC, other significant centres include the Nano Science Centre at the University of Copenhagen; iNANO Centre (University of Aarhus and University of Aalborg); NanoBioCentrum (University of Southern Denmark); Danish Polymer Centre; plus nanobiotechnological activity in Medicon Valley. Education in nanotechnology is also a priority in Denmark with degree programmes in nanoscience at a number of universities.
Finland invested in a national nanotechnology programme 1997-1999, and several initiatives have been launched since, culminating in the current National Nanotechnology Programme, FinNano. Nanoscience and nanotechnology research in Finland has largely been funded case by case, principally by the Tekes and the Academy of Finland.
In Sweden almost all government research is carried out at universities, including applied research which is traditionally carried out in research institutes in other countries. Interestingly, how research funding is allocated in Sweden is to a certain extent controlled by the researchers themselves as the Swedish Research Council is governed by researchers elected by the research community. Nanotechnology in Scandinavia 2007 describes the latest activity in government bodies, research centres, universities and companies.
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