Posted: October 4, 2007

Event: Nanotechnologies for Construction Applications

(Nanowerk News) A workshop and brokerage event on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies for Construction Applications" will be held on November 5-6, 2007 in Valencia, Spain.
The event will facilitate the establishment of consortia for competitive projects in the EUREKA programme, and especially within the EurekaBuild umbrella. This initiative addresses the development of pre-competitive materials for the construction sector based on the application of nanotechnologies.
Topics which will be covered at the event include:
- applications of nanotechnology in cement based materials;
- multifunctional coatings based on nanomaterials for construction products:
- intrinsic sensor and actuator materials for new 'smart' concepts in security and comfort applications;
- applications of nanocomposites in polymer based materials for construction;
- integration of nanotechnology based solutions for energy efficient buildings.
Source: Eurekabuild
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