Posted: October 8, 2007

Chemical Computing Group and Molecular Networks Announce the Integration of CORINA into MOE

(Nanowerk News) Chemical Computing Group Inc. (CCG) and Molecular Networks GmbH today announce the integration of CORINA, Molecular Networks' premium three-dimensional molecular model-generating program into CCG's comprehensive and powerful life science modeling suite Molecular Operating Environment (MOE). The integration technology will be included in the 2007.09 version of CCG’s Molecular Operating Environment (MOE).
Paul Labute, President and CEO of CCG said that "we are pleased with the results of our integration efforts to combine the strengths of MOE and the strengths of CORINA and we feel that the combination will be of great benefit to our customers."
Prof. Johann Gasteiger, CEO of Molecular Networks said that "it was a logical step to integrate CORINA into MOE, both recognized leaders and industry standards in their fields." He adds, "As Mr. Labute already pointed out, the winners are the mutual customers of CCG and Molecular Networks since we combined two excellent pieces of technology in a streamlined interface."
About Chemical Computing Group
Chemical Computing Group Inc. is a leading supplier of scientific software for Life Sciences and has been operating since 1994. Chemical Computing Group’s software platform is the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) that integrates visualization, simulation and methodology development in one package. MOE contains a wide variety of built-in applications in the fields of Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, Computer-Aided Molecular Design and Molecular Modeling. MOE runs on a wide variety of computers including Windows, Linux, Macintosh and Unix systems both for the desktop and in parallel computing clusters. MOE is used by biologists, medicinal chemists and computational chemists in many pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and universities throughout the world. Chemical Computing Group is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Its web site is E-mail inquiries can be sent to [email protected]
About Molecular Networks
Molecular Networks is a chemoinformatics company serving the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry with innovative scientific software products, consulting, development and research services to improve the speed and productivity of chemical discovery. Founded in 1997, the company established international business relationships and Molecular Networks' technology is utilized in major industrial and academic discovery laboratories worldwide to design and optimize chemical products and processes. Molecular Networks' product portfolio comprises a set of different software tools, databases and decision support applications for the design and the synthesis of chemical compounds, the prediction of their chemical, physical and biological properties, their chemical reactivity and metabolic fate. Molecular Networks is headquartered in Erlangen, Germany. Its web site is E-mail inquiries can be sent to [email protected]
Source: Chemical Computing Group Inc.
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