Posted: October 14, 2007

Russian government orders probing proposals for use of nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) The Russian nanotechnology supervision council should give consideration to proposals from Russian scientists for diverse uses of nanotechnology in the economy and healthcare, First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov has said.
Ivanov heard the proposals from Andrei Alexenko, director of Angstrom Center Nanotech, and Pavel Erman, general director of the Everest K company, during a meeting with them.
Alexenko said a security device had been developed that was tentatively called "nano-nose" because it "sniffs everything out." Ivanov suggested that "nano-nose" be registered as a trademark.
The scientists also said they had developed a medical nano "bio- defense." These are nano devices that can be used to monitor a patient's health after taking medicine, Alexenko said.
"This bio-defense can be used at hospitals and prisons," he said.
Alexenko also suggested using iron nano particles for the pre-sowing treatment of seeds. This would raise crop yields 20%, and, "moreover, seeds treated before sowing don't die," he said.
Alexenko also said there existed nano railway sleepers that can be used to trace missing cars and containers.
Erman asked Ivanov to help organize the manufacture of nano concrete.
"We are at the stage of industrial production but we have some problems," Erman said. National electricity company UES possesses a tremendous number of dumps of ash that could be used to make nano concrete, but the UES management bars access to them, he said.
Source: Interfax
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