Posted: October 15, 2007

Russian university unveils nanotechnology programs

(Nanowerk News) St. Petersburg State University has become the first higher educational institution in Russia to teach students nanobiology and nanotechnology, the university’s press service has said.
Students will be able to study the program for two years. Professors at the university’s biology and chemistry faculties developed the nanobiology course.
“Russia does not have specialists in nanobiology. Neither Europe nor Asia prepares such specialists,” said Maria Shishova, professor of the Biology and Soil Faculty of the university.
Shishova said that separate lecture courses on nanobiology exist in the United States, but only St. Petersburg State University can offer a full course on the subject.
Nanobiology studies the qualities and functions of biologically active connections in a cell. This modern science serves as the basis for research into AIDS/HIV, as well as for making new medicines to treat cancer and genetic illnesses.
Another trend in nanobiology is the development of genetically modified food products.
The university has bought laboratory equipment worth 20 million rubles ($800,000) for teaching the first Russian nanobiologists.
Source: St. Petersburg Times
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