Posted: October 15, 2007

Sensory Analytics Introduces New Robotic QA Cell for Automated Coating Measurement

(Nanowerk News) Sensory Analytics, an emerging leader in non-contact and non-destructive coating measurement systems, today announced the introduction of its revolutionary new SpecMetrix® RA Coating Quality Assurance Cells at the 2007 Pack Expo Show (Booth S-5040) in Las Vegas, NV. These systems provide manufacturers with a new tool for increasing quality and reducing unit costs.
The new SpecMetrix® RA quality assurance cells are the first automated systems available to manufacturers that can measure films and coatings over any substrate material and color, to include metal, composites, glass, plastic and paper.
Specially developed to meet the stringent quality requirements of the packaging, aerospace, electronics and medical device industries, these new automated systems enable manufacturers and processors to measure barrier and protective coatings, over-varnish, inside spray, primer and performance coatings in real-time with nanometric accuracy. The new coating quality assurance cell features 5-axis capabilities for measuring complex surfaces and multiple parts.
The new SpecMetrix® RA systems also provide users with the unique ability to precisely measure the thickness of either wet or dry coatings on their products.
“The SpecMetrix® RA systems offer manufacturers a new means to automate their quality processes and better keep pace with the latest advances in manufacturing and spray automation.” said Greg Frisby, CEO of Sensory Analytics. “These new automated QA tools can also help manufacturers reduce labor hours and increase their throughput.”
All SpecMetrix® systems deliver precise, real-time coating measurement results without destructive testing and with no harm to the coating itself. Capable of measuring coating thickness and color finishes, Sensory’s line of SpecMetrix® coating measurement systems help customers reduce labor hours in production, finishing and quality assurance areas. The patented systems, integrated with proprietary SensorMetric™ software, enable real-time measurement and automated recording and storage of data for subsequent review or for use within existing quality assurance programs.
About Sensory Analytics
Sensory Analytics is an emerging leader in the development of portable, in-line and automated coating thickness and color measurement systems for manufacturers. SpecMetrix® portable and SpecMetrix® RA automated systems are uniquely able to bring real-time coating measurement and process validation to the QA laboratory and shop floor. For additional information, please visit
Source: Sensory Analytics
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