Posted: October 16, 2007

Ultraviolet Technologies (UV) and Markets Find More Applications and Show Strong Increase Worldwide

(Nanowerk News) Ultraviolet Technologies (UV) and Markets find more Applications and show strong increase worldwide. The total Ultraviolet Systems market has reached 2 billion US $ worldwide in the whole value-chain, more and more companies enter this market and increase competition, but applications too.Strong increase in selected applications more than 15 percent.
New Study by helmut kaiser consultancy
Since several years UV Technologies find more and more applications and the markets show strong increase worldwide, in selected applications more than 15 percent. Coming out of the shadow of other technologies UV is more and more viable. Disinfection in Water, Air and Food drives through public awareness, regulations, no by-products, non chemical alternative, inexpensive functions and environmentally friendly. The markets increase in different applications exponential and we expect this development for the next 10 years specialy in water, wastewater, food and air applications but also some new applications. The total market has reached 2 billion US $ worldwide in the whole value-chain, more and more companies enter this market and increase competition, but applications too.
The markets for water disinfection, water purification and securing water quality with other methods is growing worldwide between 8 and 25 percent depending on the sector, branch and country. UV disinfection with nanotechnologies and molecular technologies will change the water treatment markets in the next 10 years dramatically. The costs and prices of water in the future will largely depend on the disinfection necessity and the applied technologies. A special part about nanotechnology and molecular technology is added in the study for the first time. A number of nanotechnologies are already utilised UV disinfection. More applications are to be found in the next years.
Meanwhile the standard of UV systems used on air and surface disinfection, water disinfection and food and beverage disinfection are becoming more stringent, complex and costly. In this study different UV disinfection market segments will be discussed. This includes technology, processes, application, regions, main countries, branches and industries, distributions and value chain, and also customer based strategies.
The market prospect of UV disinfection is promising. With the increasing demand, the total market volume is expected to grow from 2.1 billion US$ in 2006 to 2.3 bn. US$ in 2007 and reach 4.9 bn. US$ up to 2015.
Observed by regions, West Europe and North America have a high starting point, but will have moderate growth rate. Asian countries have the fastest increase. On the one hand, it is due to the booming economy there and the immense scale of infrastruction construction. On the other hand, the warm and humid climate in South/Southeast Asia imposes special requirements on the water disinfection. The proportion of UV disinfection in the water treatment in this region is thus relatively high compared with other places.
In the value chain, the equipment investment takes the largest market share, in 2004 is 48% which amounts 1 billion US$ and it is still increasing during the next years, reaching 2.4 billion US$ up to 2015. for the new construction is the one of the most important momentum for water disinfection industry within ten years. Yet, the highest growth is the the measurement, control and automatic systems installed in the facilities. The total operation in UV disinfection is 0.4 billion US$ in 2006, and will be 0.6 billion US$ in 2007. We expect in 2015 it will reach 1.9 billion US$.
Source: Helmut Kaiser
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