Posted: October 27, 2007

Voith Paper Introduces Nanotechnology Calendar Covers

(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology is considered to be one of the most important emerging technologies worldwide. Controlling the size of structures and materials down to the molecular level has resulted in completely new material properties. In the paper industry, nanotechnology is now introduced in the new calender covers from Voith Paper Rolls.
The new NanoPearl cover family is equipped with a filler system that is unique in particle size distribution and homogeneity. The average particle size measures only 10-20 nm which is a breakthrough in an industrial application. This new technology offers the key to considerably improved mechanical and thermal properties of elastic calender covers: improved wear resistance, increased run time, superior thermal properties allowing the highest calender speeds at increased operational safety, and extreme durability against barring and damages.
Parallel to the most advanced NanoPearl series, Voith Paper Rolls introduces a new series of calender covers: NeoSilk. The NeoSilk family provides a cost-effective solution to conventional and modern calender applications. It is based on the experience of over 700 applications and incorporates the best proven materials.
NeoSilk and NanoPearl - the new cover families offering the complete range of composite covers for every calender application.
Voith Paper is a division of Voith and one of the leading partners to the paper industry. Through steady innovations, Voith Paper optimizes the paper production process. More than a third of worldwide paper production is produced on Voith Paper machines.
Voith sets standards in the paper, energy, mobility and service markets. Founded on January 1, 1867, it has a current workforce of approx. 37,000, sales of EUR 4 billion and over 270 locations worldwide, and is one of the largest family-owned enterprises in Europe. Voith is the official partner to the initiative "Germany - The Land of Ideas".
Source: Voith Paper
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