Posted: November 2, 2007

New Product: FEIā??s Titan3 Reduces Environmental Interference

(Nanowerk News) Product Briefing Outline: FEI Company has introduced the ‘Titan3’ 80-300 to its Titan product family. The Titan3 takes the capabilities of FEI's Titan S/TEM microscope to new levels of performance and enhanced operation, according to the company. This gives users both the sub-Angstrom imaging capabilities and a lower total cost of ownership for a high-end microscope. Problem: It used to be that microscopy labs were built around the microscope to accommodate the stringent acoustic and temperature limitations of advanced S/TEM systems, adding significant costs to acquiring advanced instrumentation.
Solution: Ultra-high resolution S/TEM performance is achieved with an all-new design that, for the first time ever, allows the combination of two Cs - abberation correctors and a monochromator on a single instrument, according to the company. The system's new enclosure is claimed to significantly reduce environmental interference providing greater stability and eliminating the need for many expensive lab improvements. With the aberration-free, sub-Angstrom vision, scientists can study how atoms combine to form materials, how materials grow and how they respond to a variety of external factors. The monochromator complements these capabilities by providing additional information about bonding states of atoms and about electronic properties on the nanoscale.
Applications: The Titan3 80-300 can be operated in the range of 80 to 300 kV for optimized imaging of a wide variety of materials from ultra-light carbon compounds to ultra-dense heavy metal samples.
Platform: The Titan3 features a new, fully-digital remote control interface that improves ease of use and changes how users interface with the instrument. An all-new digital user interface affords users the freedom to operate the Titan3 remotely and in ambient conditions. A high-speed digital camera and smart user interface make operation easier and improves the handling of a wide range of applications.
Availability: October 2007 onwards.
Source: FEI
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