Posted: November 2, 2007

BioForce Nanosciences Holdings, Inc. Announces Sale of Nano eNabler System to the University of Wale(...)

(Nanowerk News) BioForce Nanosciences Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB:BFNH.OB - News), a company focused on the development and commercialization of nanotech tools and solutions for the life sciences, announced today a recent sale of its core technology Nano eNabler™ molecular printing system to the Department of Chemistry at the University of Wales, Bangor.
The BioForce Nano eNabler system prints tiny domains of biological materials on surfaces with nanometer spatial precision, allowing researchers to investigate the development of new biomedical applications.
"This is our second U.K. sale, following closely on our sale of a system to the University of Limerick," said Keith Dawes, CEO of BioForce's U.K. distributor, Windsor Scientific, which provides research and development instrumentation for the advancement of scientific research. "We are excited about the potential of the Nano eNabler™ system to bridge nanotechnology and biomedical research and to facilitate real-world applications for researchers. We think it will become a very successful product for Windsor Scientific."
This sale adds the University of Wales to a growing list of elite academic institutions around the world, including Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins University, that are using the Nano eNabler™ system for research and development of novel nanotech applications.
The lead researchers at the University of Wales, Professor Maher Kalaji and Dr. Chris Gwenin, received funding from Welsh Assembly Government to use the Nano eNabler™ system for developing sensors to measure drugs and other organic molecules. The unique ability of the Nano eNabler™ system to precisely and reliably position biological material at defined locations on microfabricated and nanofabricated devices will play a key role in this work. The laboratory will also serve as a Nano eNabler™ ``user center'' to allow other researchers to become introduced to the system and its many capabilities.
Kerry Frey, BioForce's President and COO, said, "This is an exemplary distributor-driven sale of one of our Nano eNabler™ systems. The University is a first class research institution, and the willingness of the customer to create a user center there will benefit a large number of future customers and, of course, BioForce."
BioForce's CFO, Greg Brown, said "We have worked hard to develop far more than a vendor-customer relationship with our Nano eNabler™ system user base. These collaborative relationships are translating into value creation on both sides of the equation. Nano eNabler™ users are provided with ongoing support from BioForce through interaction with our application scientists, enhancing their productivity with the instrument, while we at BioForce benefit by observing how world class researchers are able to utilize the highly flexible Nano eNabler™ to advance their cutting-edge projects."
About BioForce Nanosciences Holdings, Inc.
BioForce Nanosciences develops and commercializes nanotech tools and solutions for the life sciences. BioForce's flagship product, the Nano eNabler™ molecular printer, gives the Company a platform for development and discovery. BioForce technology is being used in sensor functionalization; patterning and cell adhesion; and printing proteins to guide neural cell growth. For more information, visit or call 515-233-8333.
This news release contains forward-looking information that may be affected by certain risks and uncertainties, including those risks and uncertainties described in BioForce Nanosciences' most recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. BioForce Nanosciences' actual results could differ materially from such forward-looking statements. BioForce assumes no duty to update these statements at any future date.
Source: BioForce Nanosciences Holdings, Inc.
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