Posted: November 21, 2007

Northwest Mettech Wins Best of Small Tech Micro/Nano Tool of the Year Award

(Nanowerk News) Northwest Mettech Corp. has received an award for the best new nanotechnology product at the international Small Times NanoCon conference in Santa Clara. Based in North Vancouver, Northwest Mettech’s NanoFeed Liquid Powder Feeder won The Small Times 2007 Best of Small Tech Micro/Nano Tool of the Year award, recognizing the breakthrough nature of their product.
Plasma spray coatings are used worldwide to deliver the highest quality surfaces on components used in jet engines, petrochemical equipment, printing machines and electronic devices. While the increased durability of components using nanomaterials in these coatings has long been recognized, production equipment has not existed, until now, to deliver these ultra-fine powders. By bridging this gap, Mettech has enabled plasma spray equipment to directly deposit nanomaterials for the first time as high performance ceramic coatings. This capability greatly improves the heat, wear, impact, and corrosion resistance of many industrial and aerospace components.
Speaking about the award, Mettech’s CEO, Gary Albach commented, “We are delighted to receive this award, and for our achievement in developing this breakthrough product to be recognized by leading industry experts. The nanotech industry is set for massive expansion, and we are proud to be playing a significant role in this.” Mettech has been developing their feeder in cooperation with the Industrial Materials Institute (IMI) of the National Research Council in Montreal, and holds an exclusive license from IMI for the use of a number of new technologies.
About Northwest Mettech Corp.
Mettech is the leader in highly controlled plasma spray coating solutions that meet the quality and production needs of the aerospace, automotive, pulp and paper, energy and electronics industries. Building on this base, the Company is rapidly expanding into related vertical fields of high-quality fine powder production and nano-engineered coatings. Mettech is a privately owned company established as a UBC spin-off company in 1990 and headquartered in North Vancouver, Canada. It has a Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo and sales representatives in Germany, the U.K., China, and Taiwan.
About the Awards
The Best of Small Tech awards honor significant achievements in leadership and product development -- in nanotechnology, MEMS and microsystems -- during the past year. Small Times presented its respected awards at NanoCon International conference and exhibition - the most important nanotechnology and MEMS industry networking event, attracting hundreds of attendees from around the world. This is the sixth year of the prestigious Small Times Best of Small Tech Awards.
Source: Northwest Mettech Corp.
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