Posted: November 21, 2007

Microfluidics Innovation at COMPAMED 2007 - IVAM Exhibitors Draw a Positive Conclusion

(Nanowerk News) A new method for fluid transport on labs-on-a-chip called Electrowetting was demonstrated on the Product Market "High-tech for Medical Devices" at COMPAMED from November 14 to 16, 2007 in Düsseldorf, Germany. About 13,000 visitors came to the leading trade fair for suppliers of medical manufacturing embedded in the medical technology fair MEDICA. Numerous other developments in the fields of micro- and nanotechnology like sensors or silver nanoparticles also attracted a lot of attention. The innovations were presented by the approximately 30 exhibitors of the Product Market "High-tech for Medical Devices" and many speakers at the forum of the same title, organized by IVAM Microtechnology Network.
The future of the lab-on-a-chip
Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH presented a new method for fluid transport called Electrowetting. An electric field changes the surface properties, for instance of a lab-on-a-chip, in a way that sample drops can be moved in a desired direction. This, for the first time, would enable a lab-on-a-chip without any structures.
New ways of transfering micro-plastic parts into series production were shown by RKT Rodinger Kunststoff-Technik GmbH. For example, magnetizable plastics in labs-on-a-chip could be used to separate genes.
New materials prevent infections
"By means of chemical nanotechnology, the rate of infections in our hospitals could be reduced significantly. But this will only be achieved, if the materials are optimized and tailored. One example are release systems, based on effective, silver nano-particulate or nano-porous coatings", explained Dr. Rainer Hanselmann, CEO of sarastro GmbH, on the IVAM forum.
The Jenoptik Polymer Systems GmbH showed optical components and systems for medical technology at the IVAM joint pavilion. "The trend in endoscopy goes towards disposables. This minimizes the risk of cross-infection," Ingolf Reischel, Head of Sales and Marketing at Jenoptik points out.
Relief for patients with respiratory diseases
Up to 1.5 milliliters aerosol per minute can be produced by the inhalation device eflow introduced by Paritec GmbH. It is used, amongst others, by patients suffering from cystic fibrosis. Currently Paritec is performing clinical studies which aim at the connection of new drugs with this technology, for example for the treatment of infants who have asthma. Sensirion presented the differential pressure sensor SDP 1108, which is applied to measure volume flows of up to 200 liters during a very small pressure drop. The sensor is used in respirators for the treatment of lung diseases and other devices.
Exhibitors draw positive conclusion
Many visitors came to the IVAM Product Market "High-tech for Medical Devices" purposefully. Accordingly positive was the conclusion of the exhibitors on the visitors’ quality, but also their quantity: "We have made lots of promising contacts from the first day on", says Bob Harrell, Medical Market Manager of Specialty Coating Systems.
Further information on the IVAM Product Market "High-tech for Medical Devices" is available under Jana Gliesche (phone: +49 231 9742 7081, E-mail: [email protected]) will be glad to answer questions and receive first reservations for the Product Market at COMPAMED 2008.
About IVAM:
IVAM is an international association of companies and institutes in the fields of microtechnology, nanotechnology and advanced materials. At present more than 250 companies, institutes and partners from all over the world are IVAM members. As the communicative bridge between suppliers and users, IVAM brings innovations to market and creates competitive advantages via technology marketing. Furthermore, IVAM offers lobbying services for small and medium-sized enterprises, qualification, various publications and world-wide networking on trade fairs and events.
Source: IVAM
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