BioForce Nanosciences Announces Sale of Nano eNabler System to Georgia Institute of Technology
Posted: November 28, 2007

BioForce Nanosciences Announces Sale of Nano eNabler System to Georgia Institute of Technology

(Nanowerk News) BioForce Nanosciences Holdings Inc. (OTC BB:BFNH.OB) announced today the sale of a Nano eNabler™ molecular printing system to the Georgia Institute of Technology.
The Nano eNabler system is a platform for merging biology with nanotechnology. Researchers use this system for constructing ultraminiaturized biosensors and molecular diagnostic tests to create smaller and more effective diagnostic tests, as well as improved therapeutics. Additionally, areas such as cancer cell biology, stem cell biology and tissue engineering benefit from the Nano eNabler's ability to create ultraminiaturized living test environments for research at the single-cell level.
BioForce's President and COO, Kerry Frey, said, "The sale to Georgia Tech resulted from our market-seeding Pilot Placement Program, which was initiated in 2006. Under this program, we identified 20 prestigious biomedical and life sciences research institutions and allowed researchers at those sites to have access to this new technology for a defined period of time. Our goal was to conclude this test period with a sale. Georgia Tech is an example of a placement site that recognized the value of the Nano eNabler in their research and purchased it to continue their cutting-edge research. The placement program has created significant awareness within the biomedical and life sciences research communities of the Nano eNabler's capabilities, leading to conversion to sale for placement sites, as well as sales to new Nano eNabler sites."
Describing the research at Georgia Tech, Dr. Curtis Mosher, BioForce's vice president of R&D said, "The Microelectronics Research Center on the Georgia Tech campus is a prime example of a core facility seeking to provide its users access to the latest technology. Pilot program users of the facility have employed the Nano eNabler system for placing polymers on diagnostic sensors in highly precise patterns. Sensors like this can lead to a new generation of diagnostic and sensing devices for environmental monitoring, remote chemical analysis and personalized medicine. It's exciting to see advances like this being made possible by our technology."
BioForce's Nano eNabler™ system Product Manager, Michael Lynch, added, "We have a comprehensive customer care program that is a critical component of our customer enabling product and service offering. This client-focused approach has resulted in a group of enthusiastic Nano eNabler™ system users who are helping us rapidly expand awareness of the system's capabilities in the academic and industrial research communities."
About BioForce Nanosciences Holdings, Inc.
BioForce Nanosciences develops and commercializes nanotech tools and solutions for the life sciences. BioForce's flagship product, the Nano eNabler™ molecular printer, gives the Company a platform for development and discovery. BioForce technology is being used in sensor functionalization, patterning and cell adhesion, and printing proteins to guide neural cell growth. For more information, visit or call 515-233-8333.
This news release contains forward-looking information that may be affected by certain risks and uncertainties, including those risks and uncertainties described in BioForce Nanosciences' most recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. BioForce Nanosciences' actual results could differ materially from such forward-looking statements. BioForce assumes no duty to update these statements at any future date.
Source: BioForce Nanosciences Holdings
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