Posted: December 2, 2007

Carl Zeiss Introduces New 100kV Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) at American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting

(Nanowerk News) Carl Zeiss SMT today introduced the new CENTRA™ 100 transmission electron microscope (TEM) at the 47th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Cell Biology in Washington D.C. The CENTRA 100 is a TEM with up to 100 kV accelerating voltage. Specially designed as a sophisticated “imaging system“¯, the highly compact and robust instrument offers maximum resolution down to 0.2 nm. The ease-of-use and fast specimen exchange capability make this microscope particularly well-suited for biomedical or clinical laboratory environments. It also features low operating costs, high specimen throughput, a very attractive price/performance ratio and low space requirements, thanks to the small footprint.
A key technical feature of the system is the choice between two different imaging modes: high resolution and high contrast. This is particularly important for investigating low-contrast biological specimens. The specially developed mini-lens design leads to a very compact size where the electron-optical lens elements exhibit only minimum aberration. The use of four lens elements in the projection system enables rotation-free imaging while the magnification is being changed. Furthermore, additional deflection systems support the image-fine-shift that enables the generation of panorama images.
The new CENTRA™ 100 is now available.
About Carl Zeiss SMT AG
Carl Zeiss SMT utilizes its globally leading know-how in light, electron and ion-optical technologies to offer its customers in the manufacturing industry and R&D a broad portfolio of products, services and application solutions. The market-leading systems and solutions from Carl Zeiss SMT are used in mutually strengthening fields of application in nanotechnology such as semiconductor technology, materials research and the life sciences. The global customer community is constantly growing. As the innovation leader for lithography optics, as well as optical and particle-beam based inspection, analysis and measuring systems, Carl Zeiss SMT opens up new avenues for its customers in industrial manufacturing environments, quality assurance and industrial and university R&D. Together with its subsidiaries in Germany, England, France and the USA, the international group of companies has approximately 2,400 employees. In fiscal year 2005/06, Carl Zeiss SMT AG generated revenues of over EUR 860 million. Carl Zeiss SMT AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carl Zeiss AG.
Source: Finanznachrichten
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