Posted: December 5, 2007

New Report: Nanotechnologies for Life Sciences and Healthcare

(Nanowerk News) One of the most active and important current areas of research and application of nanotechnology is in the field of life sciences and healthcare. Many industry and business analysts now expect nanotechnology to revolutionize the pharmaceutical, medical devices, diagnostics and imaging sectors with annual markets of billions of pounds likely within five-ten years.
Nanotechnologies for Life Sciences and Healthcare includes:
  • Analysis of key nanotechnologies and commercialization activity thereof
  • Analysis of impact of nanotechnology on the life science and healthcare markets to 2015
  • Analysis of most promising product areas in Pharmaceuticals, Drug Delivery, Medical Supplies and Devices, Implants, Coatings, Wound Care, Diagnostics, Non-Invasive Therapy, Imaging and Tissue Engineering
  • Profiles of companies and research centres developing nanotechnologies for commercial application in Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • More information:
    Source: Publications
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