Posted: December 5, 2007

New Report: Nanotechnologies for NanoCoatings

(Nanowerk News) Nanocoatings are a prime example of the application of nanotechnology making a difference in wide variety of markets from stain resistant bathrooms to improved safety in transportation. This new report is the most comprehensive yet published on this key area of nanotechnology, including:
  • Analysis of key nanotechnologies and commercialization activity thereof in nanocoatings
  • Analysis of impact of nanocoatings on markets to 2015
  • Analysis of most promising nanocoatings with the following functions: Barrier; Conductivity; Thermal Insulation; Easy Clean; Scratch Resistance; Photocatalysis; Anti-Corrosion; Anti-Microbialism; Stain Repellency; Self-Cleaning; Smartness; Anti-fogging
  • Profiles of companies and research centres developing nanocoatings for commercial application
  • More information:
    Source: Publications
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