Posted: December 7, 2007

JSR and IBM Collaborate on Next-Gen Lithography, Self-Assembly

(Nanowerk News) JSR Micro Inc., the U.S. operations of JSR Corp., announced in Japan today that it has entered a joint research agreement with IBM to explore new technologies for emerging semiconductor materials and processes.
“We have tremendous respect for the depth and breadth of IBM’s research capabilities,” said Eric Johnson, president of JSR Micro. “We view this as a strategic extension of our research and development program, which will yield benefits for all of our customers.”
IBM and JSR will collaborate on a set of exploratory research projects focused on new materials for future lithography technologies, including self-assembly techniques. “Our joint research with JSR helps us do even more exploratory work at critical mass,” said Gian-Luca Bona, senior manager, science and technology, at the IBM Almaden Research Center (San Jose). “This partnership combines the deep chemistry and materials science expertise of IBM Research and JSR’s record of innovation and technology impact in the electronic chemicals arena.”
JSR will have employees on site at the IBM Almaden Research Center. The initial scope of work targets next-generation lithography, but also encompasses work outside of the traditional lithography space, such as self-assembly.
Last May, IBM announced the first-ever application of a breakthrough self-assembling nanotechnology to conventional chip manufacturing, borrowing a process from nature to build next-generation semiconductors.
JSR also announced this week in Japan that it will install advanced immersion lithography verification equipment at its Yokkaichi Research Center, beginning in April. The new equipment will help the company to develop the materials required for semiconductor manufacturing beyond the 45 nm half-pitch.
Equipment will include advanced ArF immersion lithography exposure tools (NA=1.30), automated spin-on development devices, and automated defect verification devices. The equipment will enable JSR to accelerate the development of new materials and quality improvement programs.
Source: Semiconductor International (Aaron Hand)
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