Posted: December 12, 2007

Patent Grant For Nanoscience Inc.

(Nanowerk News) Nanoscience Inc., the specialist niche investor in emerging technologies with strong commercial propositions from within the growing nanotechnology sector, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Toumaz Technology Limited (Toumaz') has been granted its core patent surrounding the AMx™ (Advanced Mixed Signal) technology in the key jurisdiction of Australia. The new patent, already granted in the UK and the US, covers the core technology that enables the Sensium™ platform to operate using orders of magnitude lower power than existing semi-conductor solutions, leading to a dramatic reduction in battery size for portable devices and extended operating times.
Earlier this year, Toumaz announced an agreement with Healthe International - a leading health and wellness group operating in Australia and the Asia Pacific market - to develop Sensium™ based applications for elite athlete training and optimisation of sports performance.
Toumaz's groundbreaking Sensium™ technology is enabling a new generation of low-cost, non-intrusive, wireless vital sign monitors for healthcare and lifestyle markets - such as ECG, heart rate, body temperature, respiration and physical activity - via standard handheld devices such as mobile phones. As well as facilitating real time data measurement and processing, the AMx™ offers designers greater efficiency, reduced complexity and reduced silicon area for many applications. The sizeable reduction in peak operating current also allows the use of ultra small form factor/thin flexible batteries whilst maintaining months or years of operational life for the portable sensors. The unique combination of ultra-low power wireless and signal processing in one small System-On-Chip allows the economies of scale of the semiconductor industry to be harnessed to provide low cost, highly functional, robust, disposable and non-intrusive monitors for a wide range of healthcare and lifestyle management applications.
The Group views the grant of this core patent by the Australian Patent Office as a significant development in providing Toumaz with the necessary protection of its core technology in what is considered to be a potentially major global market.
Keith Errey, Chief Operating Officer of Toumaz, commented:
The protection of our proprietary core technology in the world's key markets is fundamental as we move into this key phase of market development for Sensium ™enabled products.'
Source: Nanoscience, Inc.
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