Posted: December 12, 2007

Dolomite Agrees Distribution for Microfluidic Technology in Singapore

(Nanowerk News) Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidics, has appointed Insta BioAnalytik Pte Ltd in Singapore as a distributor for their microfluidic services and capabilities. Insta BioAnalytik will work with local clients helping secure new business opportunities and manage customer relations for Dolomite in the Singaporean region.
‘This is an exciting development for us, said Gillian Davis, Commercial Director of Dolomite. ‘This appointment reflects the increasing level of interest that we are experiencing around the world from customers interested in working with us to help develop a whole new generation of instruments based on microfluidic technology. Appointing a technical company as experienced and capable as Insta BioAnalytik will be key to helping secure good quality opportunities and managing customer relations in their territory.”
Microfluidics, also known as ‘lab on a chip', is an exciting new field of science and engineering that enables very small-scale fluid control and analysis, allowing instrument manufacturers to develop smaller, more cost-effective and more powerful systems. With lab-on-a-chip technology, entire complex chemical management and analysis systems are created in a microfluidic chip and interfaced with, for example, electronic and optical detection systems.
‘We aim to introduce the latest technologies to the scientific community in Singapore, said Judy Lim, Managing Director of Insta BioAnalytik. ‘Forming this partnership with Dolomite, a market leader in microfluidic technologies, has allowed us to become an active participant in advancing microfluidic development.
An example of this technology is Dolomite's Micro Mixer chip. It is a glass device that enables the rapid and realtime analysis of fluids. Originally developed for dilution of samples prior to UV analysis, it has also been supplied to customers for nanoparticle synthesis where rapid mixing is important to achieve uniform size or surface properties of the nanoparticles.
Key to the development of the Micro Mixer is the use of microfabrication techniques capable of creating microchannels and complex structures in the glass. The main fabrication processes are photolithography, wet etching of microchannel structures, micro-drilling of fluid ports, thermal bonding and surface modification. Dolomite's capability to undertake traditional precision glass processing techniques such as mechanical and optical polishing, grinding, cutting and dicing also enables them to extend the range of geometries that are possible.
Being able to provide local, technically competent, support to their customers is particularly important to a company, such as Dolomite, whose success lies in working closely with customers from problem conceptualisation and feasibility testing through to full instrument design and development.
About Dolomite
Established in 2005 as the worlds first microfluidic application centre, Dolomite is focussed on working with customers to turn their concepts for microfluidic applications into reality. With an in-depth understanding of chemisty and the life sciences, expertise in microfabrication and microfluidics, together with instrument design and development capabilities, Dolomite is enabling some of the worlds top providers in fields as diverse as environmental monitoring, drug discovery and forensic science to deliver microfluidic systems to the market place. To find out more about Dolomite, please visit –
About Insta BioAnalytik Pte Ltd
Insta BioAnalytik Pte Ltd was set up in Year 2000 as a sales and marketing office, offering laboratory instrumentations, reagents and services for the scientific and medical communities in Singapore. Partnering with leading manufacturers, they offer solutions that advance research timely and cost-effectively. To find out more about Insta BioAnalytik, please visit
Source: Dolomite
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