Posted: December 13, 2007

Strong Increase In Nanofood, Molecular Food And Energy From Food Markets In 2007 Worldwide

(Nanowerk News) Strong increase in nanofood, molecular food and energy from food markets in 2007 worldwide. Designing and producing food by shaping molecules and atoms is the future of the food industry worldwide. 600 Companies worldwide in Research , Development and Production using nanotechnologies and molecular science in food processing and packaging.
On the one side, further breakthroughs in crop DNA decoding and analysing enable the industries to predict, control and improve the agricultural production. On the other side, with technology of manipulating the molecules and the atoms of food, the future food industry has a powerful method to design food with much more capability and precision, lower costs and sustainability.
Meanwhile, the combination of DNA and nanotechnology research generates the new nutrition delivery system, which brings the active agents more precisely and efficiently to the wanted parts of the human bodies and cells. Functional food will benefit firstly from the new technologies, followed by standard food, nutraceuticals and others.
During last years, food industries have witnessed that the nanotechnoloy has been really integrated in a number of food and food packaging products. There are now over 600 nanofood products available on the market worldwide. These exciting achievements have encouraged a large increase of R&D investments in nanofood. Today, the nanotechnology is no longer an empty buzzword, but an indispensable reality in the food industry.
Any food company who wants keep its leadership in food industries must begin to work with nanotechnology right now. The impact of nanotechnology is huge, ranging from basic food to food processing, from nutrition delivery to intelligent packaging. It is estimated that the nanotechnology and nano-bio-info convergence will influence over 40% of the food industries up to 2025. The risk for the food companies lies in NOT entering the nanotechnology, but entering too late.
The nanofood market has been soaring from 2.6 bn. US dollars 2003 to 5.3 bn. US dollars in 2005 and is expected to reach 20.4 bn. US dollars in 2015. Nano-featured food packaging market will grow from US$ 1.1 bn. 2005 to US$ 3.7 bn up to 2010. More than 600 Companies around the world are today active in research and development and production.. USA is the leader followed by Japan and China. By 2015 Asia, with more than 50 percent of the world population, will become the biggest market for the Nanofood, with China in the leading position.
Nano Food and Food Packaging Conference Invitation in : New York, London, Zurich, Beijing, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong
Helmut Kaiser Consultancy, for over 20 years a leading researcher and strategist for companies and ministries in future technology markets worldwide, has been tracking the development of nanofood markets since 1999. We will give a business briefing for 2007. Audience invited are all companies, ministries and media/press. The briefing presentation will take 6 hours. There are limited places free for the media and ministries. The cost for the participation and briefing documents, about 350 pages, is 895 Euro or equivalent currency in Dollar or RMB.
Table of contents for the latest study, which is the basis of the presentation and the documents, can be seen at
Source: Helmut Kaiser Consultancy
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