Posted: December 13, 2007

Nanogate AG Starts NanoGuard Marketing: New Building Protection Product Range

(Nanowerk News) Nanogate AG (ISIN DE000A0JKHC9) is starting marketing as planned for its new NanoGuard® product range. Surface sealing and enhancement for buildings is aimed at housebuilders, construction companies, construction chemicals manufacturers and suppliers along with public sector clients and architects. Products marketed in the NanoGuard® line include some developed jointly with US cooperation partner Dow Corning. For financial year 2008 Nanogate anticipates sales in the six-figure euro range and plans principally to boost international business. Nanogate has also announced the presentation of its first product based on nanoplating technology to reduce friction, wear and tear (tribology), thereby making possible a more efficient use of energy.
NanoGuard® is a new surface treatment for use on buildings that provides, for example, lasting protection from dirt and weather influences. With water permeability reduced substantially on the weather side, damage from frost, moss, algae and fungi can be prevented or reduced. In addition, sealed surfaces are easier to clean, thereby reducing maintenance costs. NanoGuard® can be applied to concrete surfaces as in bridge and tunnel construction and to natural stone and mineral rendering on exterior surfaces. Compared with products from other manufacturers, NanoGuard® is also especially eco-friendly and provides an attractive price-performance ratio.
Ralf Zastrau, CEO of Nanogate AG, says, “the marketing launch confirms our strategy of opening up additional market segments, especially international ones, with innovative new products. Demand for new and eco-friendly surface sealing products for buildings is already high.”
Pilot projects for nanoplating technology
Along with the buildings/interiors growth segment for which the NanoGuard® product family is developed and marketed, Nanogate has launched in the automotive/mechanical engineering segment its first pilot projects for applications based on the nanoplating technology platform. In automotive and mechanical engineering applications, nanoplating ensures that gliding ability is increased and friction minimised. By changing the application’s tribological properties its energy requirement can be reduced. “Nanogate anticipates a significant long-term increase in demand for technologies that facilitate a more efficient use of energy and resources,” Zastrau added.
Source: Nanogate AG
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