Posted: December 19, 2007

The Impact of Nanotechnology on Modern Life

(Nanowerk News) With more and more frequency, nanotechnology is being offered to the American public as a transformative technology, with the potential to improve every aspect of our social, physical, and economic well-being.
As a result, it is vital to address the ethical, legal and social issues that have been raised, in an effort to ensure early awareness of problems and to further educate the public (in the process, aiding the cultural acceptance of the technology and lowering the perception of risk).
Establishing an effective process for identifying and understanding the broad implications of nanotechnology for society will play a central role in making nanotechnology a success, as it will certainly affect the decisions of policymakers and regulatory agencies alike.
This book examines these very issues; with perspectives from professionals in a wide variety of industries, it explores the present and potential impact of nanoscale science and technology on ethical, legal, policy, business, and wider social issues.
Because truly transformative technologies have far-reaching consequences, they always generate controversy. Establishing an effective process for identifying and understanding the broad implications of nanotechnology will advance its acceptance and success, impact the decisions of policymakers and regulatory agencies, and facilitate the development of judicious policy approaches to new technology options.
Nanoscale: Issues and Perspectives for the Nano Century addresses the emerging ethical, legal, policy, business, and social issues. A compilation of provocative treatises, this reference:
  • Covers an area of increasing research and funding
  • Organizes topics in four sections: Policy and Perspectives; Nano Law and Regulation; Nanomedicine, Ethics, and the Human Condition; and Nano and Society: The NELSI Imperative
  • Presents differing perspectives, with views from nanotechnology's most ardent supporters as well as its most vocal critics
  • Includes contributions from professionals in a variety of industries and disciplines, including science, law, ethics, business, health and safety, government regulation, and policy
  • This is a core reference for professionals dealing with nanotechnology, including scientists from academia and industry, policy makers, ethicists and social scientists, safety and risk assessment professionals, investors, and others. It is also an excellent text for students in fields that involve nanotechnology.
    Source: Research and Markets
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