Posted: December 20, 2007

Merck Serono, Flamel to Collaborate in Protein Release Technology

(Nanowerk News) Nasdaq-listed Flamel Technologies said it has entered into a collaboration with Merck KGaA unit Merck Serono to investigate the applicability of Flamel's Medusa technology for the extended release of a therapeutic protein of Merck Serono's portfolio.
Under the terms of the agreement, Merck Serono will make an upfront payment of 2 mln eur to Flamel for investigating the therapeutic protein and Merck Serono will fund R&D efforts to be performed at Flamel.
Financial terms of a license agreement up through potential commercialization of this formulation have been agreed between the parties, Flamels said without going into detail. Medusa is a self-assembled poly-aminoacid nanoparticle system, a a versatile carrier for the development of novel long-acting formulations of proteins, peptides, and other molecules.
Source: Thomson Financial
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