Posted: December 24, 2007

International Workshop to Address Reliability of Micro and Nano-Devices and Systems For the Global Aerospace Industry

(Nanowerk News) CANEUS has announced that the CANEUS Organization has partnered with the French Space Agency - CNES (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales), CCT-MCE (Centres de Compétence Technique - Microsystèmes et Composants Electroniques) to host the international “MNT Reliability for Aerospace” Workshop in Toulouse, France, from March 6-7, 2008.
CANEUS are currently soliciting papers and poster/demonstration submissions before the deadline of January 11, 2008.
The vision of the CANEUS “MNT Reliability for Aerospace" Working Group and proposed pilot project is to address broad range of issues related to reliability of Micro and Nano-devices and systems for use by the global aerospace industrythat increase safety, reliability, and performance while lowering costs throughout their life-cycle. This CANEUS pilot project will encourage focused collaboration between application and technology development partners in the aerospace industry to implement this vision and reap the resulting advantages. Experienced aerospace industry leaders and experts will communicate the “MNT Reliability for Aerospace” vision and high-payback applications and challenges, and then present detailed and realistic assessments of the technologies currently available to meet those needs.
To date, efforts regarding MNT reliability for Aerospace, particularly failure mechanism, physics of failure, tests of each mode, standardization, have been primarily ongoing within several organizations in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Brazil and elsewhere. This effort, however, need to be based on a global consensus.
As a unique deliverable of this workshop, the final two-group session will be an organized teaming opportunity allowing participants to discover mutual interests. This networking will spark relationships and encourage collaborations on the pilot project and funding mechanism. The broad international attendees will include key speakers and presenters from “MNT Reliability” laboratories and leaders in the aerospace and end-user community.
With the extensive group of experts, we expect that the initiatives and collaborative relationships formed here will influence the course of MNT reliability technologies for years to come in the aerospace industry, and more broadly across all sectors. This workshop is FREE, but seating is limited. Secure your place at this important event by registering early. Details of the workshop program are available at the following link:
Source: CANEUS
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