Posted: January 7, 2008

nano tech Japan Joins nanoTX'08 as Global Partner to Present International Nanotechnology Week in US(...)

(Nanowerk News) To increase international awareness of nanotechnology on both sides of the globe, International Nanotechnology Week™ has joined with nano tech Japan as a global partner. nanoTX’08 will exhibit at nano tech 2008 Japan in February to promote American interests at the event. nano tech Japan has gained world renown over the years as the largest nanotechnology event in the world, drawing 45,000 members of the international scientific business community to Tokyo, but American representations has been lacking at the event. One of the goals of the partnership is to change that.
“American firms need to be deeply involved in this event, which is not just the commanding event of its kind in Asia, but the world,” said Richard Mason, President of nanoTX’08. “We will be representing the US and our exhibiting firms this year, but by 2009 we anticipate American firms will be significantly more visible at this event on their own and we will do everything possible in facilitating that.”
The partnership also aims to increase Asian representations at nanoTX’08 USA, where nano tech 2009 Japan will represent their exhibitors during International Nanotechnology Week in October. “This global collaboration is geared to unite us with a blockbuster nanotech and emerging technology event each fall in America and each spring in Japan,” said Mason. “Technology is changing so rapidly business needs these major events no less than every six months.” Complete information on nano tech 2008 Japan can be found at .
nanoTX ’08 USA exhibitors should contact Mason regarding options for promotional materials at nano tech 2008 Japan.
About nanoTX
NanoTX Conference/Trade Expo highlights advances in nanoscience, explains how nanotechnology is being used today and how it will impact a broad range of industries tomorrow, including: electronics, energy, aerospace, defense, biomedicine, robotics, chemicals and more. Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation (MANCEF) is a major sponsor of the event.
nanoTX has established a reputation for delivering solid content, compelling panel discussions, early-stage investment opportunities and a world-class roster of presenters. The signature Nobel Laureate Legends reception offers its fine networking tradition with new surprises for exhibitors and their guests. For more information and to register, please visit
Source: nanoTX
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