Posted: January 7, 2008

Next Generation of Aspirin Absorbs Through Mouth Lining

(Nanowerk News) The latest advancement in aspirin is "Fasprin" (, an 81mg tablet that enters the blood stream through the lining of the mouth after rapidly dissolving on the tongue.
The low dose aspirin, recently launched by Cleveland-based Improvita Health Products (, is a positive sign for the millions of individuals who maintain a daily aspirin regimen as a preventative measure against heart attack and stroke, and have trouble swallowing conventional aspirin, or experience gastric irritation that commonly accompanies regular use of aspirin.
A Fasprin tablet quickly dissolves on the tongue in three to five minutes, enabling the aspirin to enter the blood stream faster than conventional aspirin which breaks down in the stomach. Clinical trials are currently underway to compare the efficacy of Fasprin with that of enteric-coated aspirin and determine how quickly the dosage reaches the blood stream.
The ability for aspirin to rapidly enter the blood stream has far-reaching advantages for heart attack and stroke sufferers whose best line of defense at the first sign of an attack is immediately taking aspirin. Aspirin has been proven to stop blood platelets from sticking together, which reduces the chance for blood clots to form and block arteries.
Long revered for its pain-relieving qualities, aspirin is widely prescribed by physicians as a preventative measure in the battle for heart health. Adults over 45 years of age are maintaining a prescribed daily low dose aspirin routine in increasing numbers, as doctors are seeing the many benefits this life-saving medicine can offer.
Fasprin comes in a sugar-free citrus flavor and is available in a 30- tablet, easy-to-open blister package, which should make it an instant favorite with older adults who sometimes struggle with traditional tamper-proof drug packaging.
Fasprin is available wherever aspirin is sold or through the product's website at
About Improvita Health Products
Since its inception in 2001, Improvita Health Products has been at the forefront of drug delivery advancement through the use of nanotechnology, the science of building and manipulating structures at the molecular level. The company has developed several nationally-launched product lines that encompass analgesics, digestives, effervescents, skin care, children's health, adult health and wellness, and infection prevention.
Source: Improvita Health Products
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