Posted: January 8, 2008

IBF's 7th Annual Nano Applications and Advanced Materials Forum Redesigned to Reflect Nano's Evolution into Industrial Verticals

(Nanowerk News) IBF Conferences' 2008 Nano Applications and Advanced Materials Forum will provide a window on the environment for investments and business opportunities in nanotech/nanomaterials-enabled technologies. Over the years, IBF's Nanotech Forum has become renowned for its unsurpassed networking and relationship- building opportunities. This year's event is the 7th Annual gathering of private equity investors, venture capitalists and startups who all come together to learn the latest and best business strategies used by their peers. This year's event is taking place on February 5-6, 2008 at The Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa at Indian Wells, California.
The 2008 program was redesigned after a carefully crafted survey of the nanotech and IBF communities determined the greatest attendee need is for an in-depth analysis and discussion of the best practices that will integrate nanotech-enabled technologies into products within leading industry verticals: advanced materials, clean energy, clean tech, life sciences, print electronics, and MEMS. Speakers who are the leaders in their respective sectors will talk about the commercialization of nanostructures materials and related IP, recent financial developments, liquidity and Wall Street perception of the space and much more. Complete program information can be viewed on:
"Today, the business community is pragmatically targeting areas where nanotechnology may bring early fruits and where the (risk/return) characteristics of the market justify technical risks associated with truly disruptive nanotech innovations. At some point in the future, manipulation of matter on the nanoscale may become an everyday activity for a significant part of humankind," said Alexei Andreev, Ph.D., Conference Chair and Managing Director of Harris & Harris. "In line with this approach, the newly designed program of the IBF Nanotech Apps and Advanced Materials Forum will be centered on the particular vertical markets for nanotechnology innovations and advanced materials."
IBF's 2008 Nanotech Forum features a number of "firsts." This is the first year the discussions will include a look at MEMS; this will be an important panel discussion with powerful "how to" advice from speakers who have already brought to market an advanced technology much related to nanotechnology. For yet another "first," the entire lineup of the February 6th program is devoted to presentations on nanotech-enabled Clean Technology and Clean Energy.
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Source: IBF
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