Posted: January 10, 2008

NIL Technology Attracts Senior Experience to Its Management

(Nanowerk News) The continuously-expanding nanotechnology company NIL Technology has recruited Mr. Peixiong Shi, a senior master within the field of nanofabrication, to its management team. Mr. Shi will take up the position of Chief Production Officer (CPO). He will assist NIL Technology in the expansion of its production capabilities and capacity to meet the large potential demand in the nanoimprint market.
Peixiong Shi received his Ph.D. degree in Physics from Aarhus University in Denmark (1992). His previous management experience includes the position as processing manager at Nanovation Inc., where he was responsible for setting up a 6-inch Silicon wafer production line for photonic devices, and the position as Manufacturing Director at a California-based start-up company (E2O), where he was responsible for the daily operation of their production facility. He has published over 30 technical papers and served in the program committee of the Nordic Association of Contamination Control (R3 Nordic). Mr. Peixiong Shi has been working in the field of micro- and nano-fabrication for over 14 years and is highly experienced in electron beam lithography and dry-etching – key elements in production by nanoimprint lithography. He comes from a position as Senior Process Engineer at the Danish National Cleanroom facility (DTU Danchip).
This executive expansion adds senior experience within industrial production, technology development and cleanroom management to our management team. This is an important step toward the future establishment of volume production by nanoimprint lithography.
“Nanoimprint lithography is a very interesting technology and one of the most promising technologies to take nanotechnology to industrial scale production. I look forward to using my experience within the field of nanofabrication to participate in bringing today’s nanotechnology into volume production by nanoimprint lithography”, commented Mr. Peixiong Shi.
“Attracting a renowned expert within micro- and nanofabrication such as Mr. Peixiong Shi to the company puts us in a favorable position to exploit the large potential for industrial nano-scale production in the future through nanoimprint lithography”, declared Theodor Nielsen, CEO, NIL Technology.
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Source: NIL
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