Posted: January 12, 2008

SciBX New Publication to Distill Early Stage Scientific Research with Commercial Impact

(Nanowerk News) Nature Publishing Group (NPG) and BioCentury Publications, Inc. unveiled SciBX, a powerful new publication that will leverage the business intelligence of BioCentury and the scientific acumen of NPG. SciBX will distill and analyze newly published life science research, aiding the translation of academic science into commercial products.
The Preview Edition of SciBX: Science-Business eXchange was introduced today during the 26th Annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. The electronic publication will be distributed to SciBX subscribers every Thursday, starting January 31, 2008.
The companies also announced the launch of, a new website featuring a free Preview Edition of SciBX and information on the publication and charter subscription rates.
“SciBX will provide a unique service to the biopharma industry,” said Peter Collins, Ph.D., Publishing Director for Nature Publishing Group. “There are no two partners better suited to bring forth such a novel publication, given our respective areas of expertise.”
SciBX will evaluate hundreds of high impact peer-reviewed scientific articles every week and pick the most commercially relevant findings that merit deeper analysis. This multidisciplinary approach will provide scientific context, identify potential commercial impact and describe the next steps required to translate the newest developments in the lab into innovative healthcare solutions.
“We expect SciBX to fill the crucial translational gap,” said David Flores, Co-Founder, President and CEO of BioCentury. “Our goal is to combine the skills of BioCentury and Nature Publishing Group to improve the speed and efficiency with which commercially relevant new science is identified, funded and partnered.”
The biopharmaceutical industry and its investors are inundated with complex scientific papers describing the latest discoveries each week. According to MEDLINE®, over 600,000 articles were added to its database in 2006 alone.
SciBX will help distill this flood of scientific data by filtering and analyzing key findings within the most current scientific and business context. It will be an indispensable resource for biotechnology and pharmaceutical executives, business development specialists, drug discovery and development teams, venture capitalists and other investment professionals who wish to identify new projects and potential new partners, to find enabling technology and scan their environment for disruptive competitive advances.
About SciBX SciBX
Science-Business eXchange will be emailed in PDF format to subscribers every Thursday, starting January 31, 2008. A joint editorial and research team, under the direction of Karen Bernstein, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of BioCentury, will combine the core skills and editorial integrity of both BioCentury and NPG to provide content for SciBX. The editorial team will be supported by unmatched in-house databases containing information on thousands of public and private biopharma companies, compounds and financial transactions.
A special Preview Edition of SciBX is available as a FREE download at with sample articles and content to be contained in each issue, including:
Analysis – Providing in-depth review of new research findings and an essential understanding of the commercial impact and next steps required to transform these developments into commercial value. Primary areas of interest include Targets & Mechanisms, Markers, Drug Platforms, Tools and the Public-Private Interface.
The Distillery – Filtering and classifying the important current research papers in biotechnology, life science and chemistry, the Distillery will go beyond the abstract to explain the science, its commercial relevance, licensing status and companies known to be working in the area. This surveillance tool will be organized to enable the reader to quickly find articles in two areas of primary interest: This Week in Therapeutics and This Week in Techniques.
About BioCentury
BioCentury Publications, Inc., based in San Carlos, Calif., provides essential biopharma intelligence from five offices in the U.S. and Europe. Over the past 15 years, a global audience of biotech and pharmaceutical executives and investors has benefitted from BioCentury’s deep knowledge, data-driven analysis, independent perspective and trustworthy content available through the company’s publications, online databases and collaborative industry conferences.
With the launch of SciBX, BioCentury will provide even deeper analysis and data across the entire biopharma value chain from research through commercialization. The company recently launched its BCIQ™ database to provide access to information on more than 4,000 public and private companies, 5,000 biopharma compounds and $200 billion in financings. BCIQ: BioCentury Online Intelligence is just one more reason why BioCentury is BioPharma’s Knowledge Center™. For more information, visit
About Nature Publishing Group
Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is dedicated to serving the academic, professional scientific and medical communities. NPG's flagship title, Nature, was first published in 1869. NPG also publishes Nature Biotechnology and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery – the pre-eminent publications for academic and corporate scientists interested in drug discovery together with the Nature research journals, Nature Reviews, Nature Clinical Practice and a range of prestigious academic journals including society-owned publications. NPG also provides news content through Nature News and scientific career information and free job postings on Naturejobs.
NPG is a global company with headquarters in London and offices in New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, Tokyo, Paris, Munich, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Delhi, Mexico City and Basingstoke. For more information, please go to
Source: Nature America, Inc.
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