Posted: January 23, 2008

Onexim Group Revealed Its First Project In The Area Of Nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) Yesterday, Onexim Group revealed its first project in the area of nanotechnology. It proposes to build a research and technology center in Moscow, which may cost more than USD 100 million to implement considering the required equipment, RBC Daily wrote today.
The group's head Mikhail Prokhorov had earlier announced he was determined to launch innovation and high-tech projects, with Onexim likely to contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to the cause. However, Prokhorov admitted that a commercial nanotechnology market was still underway in Russia.
The center is to be built in two stages, covering a total area of 10,000 square meters, including 5,000 square meters for laboratories.
Onexim is the private investment fund of Russian businessman Mikhail Prokhorov, controlling assets of approx. $17 billion.
Source: RosBusiness Consulting (RBC); Kommersant
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