Posted: January 24, 2008

Metryx Receives Multiple System Follow-On Order from Inotera

(Nanowerk News) Mass metrology innovators, Metryx, Limited, today announced the receipt of a multiple system follow-on order from Taiwanese semiconductor memory manufacturer, Inotera Memories, Inc. The order is for Metryx’s Mentor DF3 platform and will be used initially to monitor etch applications.
“Winning follow-on orders is another significant step forward for both company and technology,” stated Dr. Adrian Kiermasz, president and CEO of Metryx. “Clearly, leading-edge manufacturers are seeing the benefit of the technology and are finding it increasingly indispensable to their manufacturing productivity.”
“The Mentor’s ability to effectively monitor our processes and keep process tools from drifting were the key to our decision to place additional orders for Metryx’s technology,” stated Joey Hsu, Deputy Director of Advanced Engineering Service at Inotera. “The fact that the DF3 can be used in-line and on product wafers makes it particularly effective in a high-volume manufacturing environment.”
The Mentor DF3 offers atomic layer measurement accuracy for high volume 300 mm manufacturing environments. Designed to monitor changes in process performance, the DF3 quickly determines whether device manufacturer’s process steps are operating correctly by measuring the mass of any wafer following a process step. Simple comparison with the measurements of a reference wafer enable the tool to reliably and accurately identify process changes after deposition, wet or dry etch, or CMP processing. The tool achieves measurements with a resolution of 10 micrograms and accuracy equivalent to 1~5 Angstroms in thickness, depending on the material type.
About Inotera
Inotera Memories, Inc. was incorporated on January 23rd, 2003. Inotera is a joint venture between Qimonda AG and Nanya Technology Corporation. Inotera’s production facilities have been designed to manufacture high-density and high-performance commodity DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) products using state-of-the-art trench technology. The combination of Qimonda’s (the former Memory Products Group of Infineon Technologies) world leading technology and Nanya’s cost-efficiency in mass production has resulted in an innovative company that is highly productive, highly competitive and at the leading edge in the DRAM industry. For more information please visit
About Metryx
Metryx is a semiconductor equipment manufacturer specializing in unique nanotechnology mass measurement techniques. Based in Bristol, England, Metryx’s non-destructive 200mm and 300mm metrology tools offer atomic layer accuracy making them ideal for material characterization and device manufacture process control. For more information on the company and its products please visit
Source: Metryx
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